Prescription Filling Services in Surrey

From auto refills to free prescription deliveries, Pharmasave provides prescription filling services to meet all of your needs. Our prescription services include:


To refill prescription(s) online, simply complete our refill request form.

Note: A refill can only be processed online if you’ve already filled your previous prescription at the same location. Your prescription will be processed during normal pharmacy hours. Not all prescription(s) may be eligible for online refill. Please contact the pharmacy directly to inquire about eligibility, delivery options and pick up times.

How to fill the e-form?

Personal Information

Name must be entered exactly as it appears on the prescription label

Prescription Refill Information

Important: Please allow 24 hours for the pharmacy to prepare your prescription(s).

Please enter the prescription number(s) you wish to refill at this time. This prescription number is the Rx number located on your prescription label. All prescriptions entered must match the last name as entered above.

Prescription Pickup Enter the date you would like to pick up your prescription. While your medication(s) may be ready earlier, please allow 24 hours for us to prepare your prescription (or longer, if a refill is requested the day before an observed statutory holiday; please call your pharmacy to check their holiday hours). If you require your medication(s) sooner, please telephone your pharmacy directly to confirm. Store phone number, and hours of operation are displayed above.

Terms and Conditions

Read our terms and conditions.

Please review your request before submitting.

Personal Information

Specialty Compounding

There are times when medical physicians, naturopaths and veterinarians prescribe unique, customized medications that need to be formulated. Our pharmacy team works in partnership with specialized compounding labs that are capable of preparing personalized medications for everyone, including pets. Sterile medications are prepared under the careful supervision of a trained compounding pharmacist. The benefits of specialty compounding include:

  • Excludes dyes, preservatives, and fillers that you may be allergic to
  • Utilizes different dosage forms (i.e. suppositories, lollipops) suitable for each patient
  • Formulated to various strengths and/or dosages not commercially available
  • Different flavouring options available

We have developed a formal relationship with a sterile compounding pharmacy that follows the highest standards of Quality of Assurance, USP <797>, and has been certified by PCCA, ensuring the highest quality compounds are used to treat all patients.

Auto Refill

Our auto refill service automatically refills your chronic/maintenance medications prior to being due. Auto-refill is an efficient pharmacy service that manages your prescription refills effortlessly while ensuring that your prescriptions will be ready before you pick them up. If you happen to run out of refills, we will take the initiative to contact your doctor for a renewal.

Prescription Transfers

We will make transferring your prescriptions from another pharmacy a seamless and effortless process.

  1. Let us know which pharmacy currently dispenses your medication, and which drug you want transferred to us. Then we will contact them on your behalf.
  2. We require some personal information about you, including insurance, so that we can set up a patient profile for you in our computer system before we dispense your medications.
  3. If your prescription is out of refills, we will go the extra mile and contact your doctor on your behalf to get you a new prescription

*Bylaws prevent certain drugs from being transferred more than once. Please call us today so that we can make transferring your prescriptions to our pharmacy simple.

Medication Alignment

Medication alignment is a helpful, free service that is available for all patients who may be taking multiple medications. It combines all of your medication refill pick-ups into one convenient visit. The benefits of medication alignment are endless:

  • Have your medications ready for pick-up all at the same time
  • Reduce your number of pharmacy visits
  • Reduce the risk of running out of medications
  • Improve medication compliance

Call our pharmacy today and speak to one of our pharmacy team members who will arrange medication alignment for you.

Medication Organizer

If you take a large quantity of medications and find it difficult to remember to take certain medications, you are not alone. Our pharmacy provides medication organizers, also known as compliance blister packing. These organizers help you keep track of your medications by organizing them into specified time compartments, so you know exactly when to take them. Each blister pack is normally packed on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. Benefits of medication organizers include:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Customizable and tailored to your needs
  • Improve medication compliance, especially if taking many medications
  • Reduce medication contamination
  • Tamper resistant
  • Helpful for seniors who suffer memory impairment and/or are on complex medication regimens

If you think you or a family member would benefit from this program, or you simply would like more information, feel free to speak with one of our pharmacy team members.

Free Prescription Delivery

We offer free prescription home delivery within the Lower Mainland. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday. For added convenience, we will deliver other store items (excluding tobacco) along with your prescription. Some restrictions may apply – please contact us for more details.

Home Health Care

At Pharmasave, we are focused on providing our patients with a comprehensive selection of specialty home health and therapeutic products to help you remain active and independent during difficult times. Our staff will assist you in finding what you need, from mobility aids to therapeutic aids.

Visit our pharmacy today and set up an appointment to learn how we can help you with the following:

  • Mobility aids – canes, crutches and walkers
  • Daily living – incontinence, continence, ostomy and personal care accessories
  • Therapy aids – blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, first aid, compression hosiery, footcare, sports therapy, supports and bracing

* Pharmasave does not stock all items, but we will order your home health care and therapeutic aid products upon request. Conditions apply.