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December 2016

How Proposed Changes to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations Could Effect Pharmacies in the Near Future

The usage of medical marijuana has increased threefold in the past year, according to the latest government data that can account for more than 4,000 kilograms of dried marijuana purchased by Canadians in the past three months. Pharmacies and other stakeholders are waiting patiently for amendments to the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), which could allow pharmacists to dispense medical marijuana under a safe and closely regulated environment in compliance with the Federal Government.

Pharmacists have the formal training and expertise to appropriately assess the usage of medical marijuana, and allow for a safe and secure distribution. This could curb abuse by recreational users. The Canadian Pharmacists Association is urging the Health Minister to make amendments to the MMPR to improve the accessibility of medical marijuana for Canadians.

*Storefronts referred to as ‘dispensaries’ and ‘compassion clubs,’ are still not authorized to sell cannabis for medical or any other purposes according to Health Canada.

National Strategy to Combat the Opioid Crisis Facing Canadians

This weekend, the National Opioid Conference and Summit will take place. This conference intends to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the growing problem of opioid misuse and abuse, which has led to the spike in opioid overdose deaths in Canada. The Canadian Pharmacy Association (CPhA) is advocating for the following changes that would improve the quality of care that pharmacists can provide to their patients:

  1. New guidelines to improve an interdisciplinary approach to managing opioid use
  2. Accelerating the implementation of a fully-integrated electronic drug monitoring system across the country
  3. Enabling pharmacists to adapt opioid prescriptions

The CPA believes that these proposed guidelines would protect the vital interest of the patient when opioids are medically indicated as the most effective treatment option.

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