Guardian – Surrey’s Community Pharmacy

Guardian in Surrey is committed to helping you reach your pinnacle of health. We are much more than just your traditional pharmacy that offers prescription drugs and nutritional supplements. We are truly invested as partners in a lifetime of good health, and we strive to be a part of your answer to optimal health through:

  • Guidance – your health and wellness goals become ours
  • Empowerment – we can help you live life feeling inspired and empowered
  • Information – we can educate you about tools and strategies that will set you on the path of optimal health

Additionally, we can connect you directly with an expert team of wellness specialists, consisting of medical doctors, nutritionists and naturopaths. These specialists can answer your health-related questions and create customized wellness programs to meet your ongoing needs.

Committed to Your Health

We are here to help you achieve a lifetime of good health and wellbeing.



Prescriptions Made Easy

Easily fill, refill and transfer prescriptions with our pharmacy.


The Truth About Vaccines

We have all the information you need to make an educated decision.


Here When You Need Us

Visit our pharmacy to receive your medical consultation or flu shot today.


Guardian strives to keep our customers informed of the latest medical news. Browse our news section to learn more about industry changes that could affect your health.


Do you have questions about prescriptions, medication reminders, refills or our store’s services? We provide an extensive list of frequently asked questions to keep you well-informed.


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Medical Clinic

We are located directly next door to NEWGEN Medical Centre, which provides fast and reliable healthcare solutions for patients. They are staffed by family physicians and specialists. Their doctors are accepting new patients and walk-ins are welcome! For more information about NEWGEN Medical Centre, visit